The 里德校园中心 is a hub for student activities and services at Whitman College. It is home to the college's information desk. 这张桌子从8点开始就配备了人手.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Friday, 10.m. to 10 p.m. 星期六和星期天. You can also reach the info desk by calling . 

The mission of the 里德校园中心 is to:

  • Create learning opportunities for students which integrate skill development, 反映和评估;
  • Educate students through leadership and professional development experiences;
  • Provide services, products, programs and events that enrich the Whitman experience;
  • Strengthen the Whitman community by providing a comfortable place to gather.

除了学生, faculty, alumni and staff of Whitman College, 很高兴为您服务, parents, campus visitors and community members. Reid is located on the corner of Boyer Avenue and Park Street. Parking is available in the lot adjacent and on nearby side streets.

What's in Reid?

里德校园中心 is home to the offices of 学生活动, Room 202, which also serves as the building's main office. 学生活动 oversees the college's student clubs, orientation programming, the 惠特曼事件委员会 (WEB) and Associated Students of Whitman College. The downstairs lounge is host to Coffeehouse, a weekend musical program held several times a semester from 9-11 p.m., as well as other WEB-sponsored events.

Other services and offices found in the building include:

  • ATM: A Banner Bank ATM is located on the main floor.
  • 爱体育电竞书店: 位于一楼, the Whitman College Bookstore carries insignia clothing and gift items, as well as art and school supplies and textbooks. Tickets for most on-campus events are sold at the service counter.
  • Reid Market: Operated by Bon Appetit, the Reid Market on the main floor offers espresso and grab-and-go dining options, as well as a soft-serve ice cream sundae bar.
  • Meeting rooms: The 里德校园中心 features several meeting spaces to accommodate the diverse needs of the Whitman community. A variety of audio-visual equipment is available. To schedule a meeting space, contact the Conferences, Events & 调度办公室 .
  • Outdoor Program and rental shop:位于一楼, the Outdoor Program's Rental Shop stocks a variety of outdoor gear. 
  • 校园邮局:位于一楼, the campus post office is the sorting location for student and departmental mail and home to student mail boxes.
  • 学生参与中心在二楼, the 学生参与中心 is home to the college's career services and information about internships and community engagement programs.
  • 跨文化中心:在216房间找到, the 跨文化中心 is home to 国际学生 and 学者服务, LGBTQIA +资源, the Religion and Spiritual Life Office, and programming to support students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Debate Program: The offices for the advisors for the college's Debate Program are locate on the second floor.
  • Student media, radio and publications: KWCW Radio, the Whitman Wireblue moon 文艺杂志,还有 quarterlife literary magazine are located in Reid.
  • Stevens Gallery: Located on the main floor, the gallery features art by Whitman community members. 


里德校园中心 allows certain windows in the building to be decorated for the purpose of advertising campus events, 项目或组织. For more information, contact the 学生活动 Office in Reid 202.